Free 5-Card Fan Pack

Fans that enroll will receive a FREE 5-Card Fan Pack!

The 5 free cards are automatically deposited into your Pit Collection when you enroll.

5 Card Pack graphic


The Burn Pit is where cards are placed once a Team Member/Driver “Burns” an old card and replaces it with a new one. These cards are available for purchase for only 7 days until they are removed forever. This is the perfect time to pick up additional inventory to be used at a later date to trade or sell in the secondary marketplace when the cards are no longer available. Don’t worry all cards in your Pit Collection will remain there forever.


The Storage Garage was created to house duplicate or highly collectible cards that you do not want to be made public when sharing your pit collection. This is the perfect place to store cards that could be used for trading or placed in the secondary marketplace for sale. It’s only visible to you! What’s in your Garage?


Now you can “Share” both your Pit Collection and an Individual Card with family, friends, and other collectors. Go to your Pit Collection click on Share Pits or go to an individual card and click on the Share Card tab then copy and paste the link it’s that easy!


Secondary Marketplace

The Secondary Marketplace is where you can sell cards from your collection. You select the card and set the price, if a card is no longer offered this is a great way to sell for more than your original purchase price. Collectors can buy multiple cards as investments, selling off those that appreciate in value or become highly sought after for trading. To sell on the Secondary Marketplace you must have a Pay-Pal account to collect funds from the sale of cards.

Trading Tank

At Race Face Digital we wanted to be one of the first Digital Card sites where you can trade cards with other collectors. Go to your Pit Collection or Storage Garage select the card you want to trade and click on the “Trade” button. You can also list a card that you are seeking from another member to make the trade. When both members have approved the trade the ownership of that card is transferred and placed in your Pit Collection. Resulting in two “Happy” members.