The RFD Photographers Program


Thank you for registering!

We are excited that you have an interest in our Digital Card Program for 2023.
It takes a professional to capture that special photo that will make a desirable digital card and that's where you come in!

How It Works

It All Starts With The Photo

  • Photographer enrollment is FREE and you will provide us a (5 character/numeric) personalized Invite Code that you share with drivers or collectors when they enroll.
  • Have the driver or collector enroll using your invite code
  • Provide 5 images to be used by the driver/collector during the enrollment process. We need both portrait and landscape images.
  • Promote FREE Fan Enrollment at the track and or on your social media platforms.
  • The more FREE fans we have the more cards are sold.
  • If you enroll 20 drivers and they sell all 3400 cards that are minted you would earn $84,000

Driver Enrollment Link to Share

(Include the referral code you sent to us)


Watch this recorded Zoom Call to Learn More About the Program

The next Zoom Meeting is scheduled for:
Wednesday February 15th

Zoom meeting link goes here

On this call, we will cover the following...
  • Enroll to get your invite code.
  • How to approach the driver, team, or collector and get them enrolled.
  • Photographer compensation plan.
  • Required images need for minting digital cards.
  • Q and A

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