Race Face Digital Driver Open Enrollment

Race Face Digital (RFD) is excited to announce that we will be launching our open enrollment to all drivers on September 19th.  Digital Trading Cards LLC is the first digital trading card company to offer grassroots drivers that are interested in expanding their brand into the digital world through digital MP4 trading cards with our brand Race Face Digital. RFD offers a 30% commission on all driver card sales paid directly to the driver/team on their individual card sales.

Digital Trading Cards

Take Your Brand Into the Digital World

So if you are ready to take your brand into the digital world Race Face Digital is your answer. Remember Enrollment is now open to all drivers. Go to racefacedigital.com, click on the Membership, fill out the form and when you come to the Invite Code use an invite code given to you from one of our Race Face drivers, participating tracks, series, or clubs, if you don't have a code use Digi.

Digital Trading Cards

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