Race Face Digital Optimistic Following Successful PRI Trade Show

PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis.
PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS – Officials from Digital Racing Cards LLC and its Race Face Digital platform are looking ahead to the upcoming motorsports season with optimism following a successful weekend at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show Dec. 7-9.

The company had two featured booths at the PRI Trade Show, one just inside the Capital Drive main entrance and another inside Lucas Oil Stadium’s eSports Arena. Race Face Digital also served as the sponsor of the Trade Show’s Happy Hour Thursday night during PRI’s opening day.

Among the weekend’s highlights was the public launch of the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform, a new enhanced driver program featuring upgraded MP4-3D collectible cards, as well as its new line of digital hero cards.

Race drivers in attendance were drawn to the new platform and more than 100 drivers enrolled during the three-day event. Race fans got their first exposure to the new digital trading card platform as well.

“The PRI Show was a success in many ways for all of us at Race Face Digital. We were able to talk with people from all walks of the racing industry, from individuals owning their race cars to series directors, track owners, and others involved in the racing industry,” said co-owner Keith Valento. “This is leading us to what is shaping up as a great 2024 season, as well as an exciting PRI Show next year.”

“We had very good results at PRI, making connections with drivers, fans, and sponsors. We plan to carry that momentum into a crowdfunding campaign for the development of our first game, Capture the Flag,” added RFD CFO Tony Valento. “We also had a lot of interest from a few of the top racing series in the United States, and we look forward to rolling out those initiatives as well in 2024.”

Race Face Digital Founder Rod Wortham was surprised and pleased by the growth in engagement from the company’s PRI Trade Show debut in 2022 to this year’s edition of the annual trade show.

“It was like night and day from last year,” said Wortham. “I guess digital products need [a little bit of] time to resonate with consumers.”

Doug Addison, the Director of Web & Creative Projects for Race Face Digital, joined Wortham at the PRI Trade Show and noted that the energy from all corners of the Indiana Convention Center was contagious throughout the weekend.

“What took me by surprise was that all the driver enrollments we had … a lot of those came to us from the PRI app,” said Addison. “It was impressive to see the traction we had from that alone. The number of drivers seeking us out also blew my mind; it was cool.

“This year, it seemed that the industry started to get behind what we’re looking to do with our digital trading card program.”

Noted esports competitor Briar LaPradd, who represented JR Motorsports in the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series in 2022 and will return to the pro level next year, spearheaded the company’s efforts in the eSports Arena.

LaPradd tipped that Race Face Digital looks to expand its efforts in the virtual motorsports community as well in 2024.

“It was fun to have my first experience at PRI be tied into the eSports Arena, with Race Face Digital trying to market to sim-racers as well,” said LaPradd. “I had a lot of people come up to me and ask how our digital MP4 cards work, and if the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform will be the thing of the future for sim racers.

“This initiative is a way for esports drivers to promote themselves and their brands to sponsors and fans that they’ve never really had before,” LaPradd continued. “That’s a big deal for all of us going forward.”

For more information on the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform, including information on driver and fan enrollment, visit www.racefacedigital.com.

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