What Is Race Face Digital?

Race Face Digital (RFD) will be the place to go to collect, buy, sell, and trade digital racing cards representing the next generation of superstar drivers. Digital Racing Cards are images of drivers, cars, and victory lane celebrations married with video backgrounds and or 3-D effects. Race drivers/teams will have the opportunity to share in the revenue of sold cards. Fans will have the opportunity to buy cards to collect and support their favorite drivers simultaneously. Race Face Digital will be the place for all ages to have fun, and help support the future of our sport, all at an affordable price.

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Become a Team Member; this is for race teams and drivers where you can create your very own digital card collection that can be marketed in the RF Digital Marketplace. Team Members are allowed to mint five cards that include Standard Cards, Premium Cards, Elite 3D Card, and Limited-Edition Victory Lane and Throwback cards that can be uploaded into your hauler for minting. Team Members participate in the winnings as they earn 30% of the revenue generated by the sales of their digital cards. The Team Member entry fee is only $195 for pre-enrollment for the first 150 drivers then it will go to $249 for the Starter Pack.

Digital Trading Cards


Become a Crew Member and start your digital card collection in your own My Pit Box Collection. Crew Members can buy, sell, trade, and get first notifications on new drops/mints and unique Victory Lane Digital Cards only available to Crew Members. Crew Member membership is only $9.95/mo and comes with a FREE RFD T-Shirt with your first card purchase.


Fan Members are FREE Members that can buy and collect digital cards. Fan Members can display their collections in their own My Pit-Collection area of the RFD community.

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