Digital Collectible Cards for Dirt Track Racers

Start your engines! The exciting world of Dirt Track Racing will soon enter the arena of Digital Collectible Cards. These digital cards will feature pictures and information about the drivers in a 3D rotation, as well as statistics and other information that fans will find interesting. Dirt track racing is a type of motorsport that…

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NEW MP4-3D Digital Collectible Card Program

Digital Trading Cards

Digital Racing Cards LLC, in conjunction with Race Face Brand Development, has launched a new program for drivers and fans that features Digital MP4 Collectible Cards. The initiative is open to all drivers across various disciplines of motorsports, creating a new and unique way to promote a driver’s brand, provide additional exposure for sponsorship partners,…

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What is a Digital Collectible Card?

Sample Digital Collectible Cards

A digital collectible card is a limited edition, virtual trading card that has a digital element. What that means is that the card is created, purchased, and stored online and has a digital entertainment component, like an embedded video, embedded music, or digital graphics. Digital Collectible Cards are an extraordinary and relatively new media that…

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