What is a Digital Collectible Card?

Digital Trading Cards

A digital collectible card is a limited edition, virtual trading card that has a digital element. What that means is that the card is created, purchased, and stored online and has a digital entertainment component, like an embedded video, embedded music, or digital graphics.

Digital Collectible Cards are an extraordinary and relatively new media that has tremendous entertainment value because anything that can be represented in computer code, or ones and twos, can be rendered on a digital card. The sky’s the limit!

Digital Cards are Gaining Popularity

Digital collectible cards are gaining popularity in the sports, entertainment, and online gaming worlds because they are fun and easy to use. The fact that they are digital allows the creators to embed videos, music, and fancy digital graphics. It is amazing what can be done artistically in the digital world.

Digital cards are also easy to use and purchase. They amass and retain value because they are limited edition. And, because they are housed online, they go where the collector goes and can be enjoyed by any mobile device.

Digital Collectible Cards for Branding and Reach

Digital collectible cards are gaining popularity as an excellent branding media. Their use of graphics, music, and video is powerful and artistic which means the cards evoke emotion. Creating emotion around the brand is one of the most important goals when creating a marketing strategy.

The cards are purchased, displayed, housed, and collected online. This means they can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, which gives them extensive reach.

Because of their marketing potential, athletes, sports teams, race drivers, online game companies, and entertainers are making digital collectibles part of their brand strategy.

Examples of Digital Cards by Race Face Digital

Race Face Digital is a pioneer in the grassroots racing digital collectible card world. We are quickly moving forward to position ourselves as the premier brand development company for grassroots racing.

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