Race Face Digital Rolling Out Entertainment Platform At PRI Trade Show

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INDIANAPOLIS – Officials from Digital Racing Cards LLC have announced that the company’s new Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform will launch during the annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, Dec. 7-9.

The cornerstone of Race Face’s Digital Entertainment Platform will be a digital space where fans can purchase, collect, trade, and sell MP4 digital cards featuring drivers, series, and moments from various motorsports disciplines around the globe.

Drivers who enroll will have access to Race Face Digital’s easy-to-use card minting process, allowing them to upload featured images for the cards they wish to offer fans, add in their racing highlights, and then finalize the cards through an automated system.

Cards are minted and placed into the Marketplace for distribution, allowing fans the unique opportunity to collect and swap cards featuring their favorite drivers from numerous divisions and levels of racing.

The program allows drivers a unique way to promote their brand within motorsports, give their sponsors additional exposure, and connect with passionate fans in the digital world.

“We wanted to give all racers a way to grow their brand in the digital world we all live in today, so we looked at what other professional sports were doing – the NBA, MLB, and the NFL – and our team agreed, why not motorsports?” noted Digital Racing Card CEO Rod Wortham. “Every racer, no matter what discipline they’re in or what level they race at, has fans in the stands that consider them heroes. I collected baseball cards as a kid, stored them in a shoe box, and traded them with other collectors. With our entertainment platform through Race Face Digital, we are offering the same thing, only digitally.

“I also collected records, but in today’s world all of my music is digital, so why not trading cards?”

The annual PRI Trade Show features more than 1,000 companies, exhibiting in more than 3,400 booths and showcasing the latest products, services, machinery, simulation and testing technologies, and trailers for the racing industry at the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium.

Launched in 1988, the Show encompasses all forms of racing and attracts attendees from all 50 states and around the world, including professional race teams, retail shops, warehouse distributors, engine builders, fabricators, dealers, installers, media, and more.

Race Face Digital’s partnership with PRI will allow drivers from all disciplines – short track, drag racing, open wheel, off-road, motocross, dirt track, NASCAR and more – to enroll in the trading card platform for FREE and have their own digital cards minted heading into and during the PRI Trade Show in December.

Prospective drivers interested in the digital trading card program can visit https://racefacedigital.com/pri-drivers/ for more information and to pre-enroll prior to the PRI trade show in December.

In addition, Race Face Digital will launch its new Savings HUB as part of its digital entertainment platform during the PRI Trade Show, accessible by anyone in the motorsports industry, as well as fans.

The Savings HUB is designed for drivers, teams, and fans to be able to save money on necessary travel expenses, such as meals, fuel, and hotel accommodations. Many of the savings offered through the HUB tie into costs that drivers, teams, and fans already spend, making it a convenient way to save money. 

Race Face Digital is offering a special promotion for both SEMA and PRI members, giving access to a FREE year-long subscription to the Savings HUB, as long as the business offers a discount, coupon, or promo code.

To enroll in the Savings HUB, visit https://racefacedigital.com/pri-registration/.

Race Face Digital will have featured PRI Trade Show booths in both the Indiana Convention Center (Booth 9104) and Lucas Oil Stadium (Booth 7012), spotlighting both the new entertainment platform and digital trading cards, as well as the company’s growing efforts in the esports realm.

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About Race Face Digital

Race Face Digital is the ultimate entertainment platform, designed for race fans and collectors to collect, buy, sell, and trade digital MP4 (video) collectible racing cards. Race Face Digital affords racers in all disciplines and walks of life the ability to promote their brand in unique ways and connect and interact with their fans in the digital world.

For more information, visit www.racefacedigital.com.

The company is located in New Port Richey, Fla., with representatives in the Charlotte, N.C., market. For more information, visit www.racefacebranddevelopment.com.

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