NEW MP4-3D Digital Collectible Card Program

Digital Trading Cards

Digital Racing Cards LLC, in conjunction with Race Face Brand Development, has launched a new program for drivers and fans that features Digital MP4 Collectible Cards.

The initiative is open to all drivers across various disciplines of motorsports, creating a new and unique way to promote a driver’s brand, provide additional exposure for sponsorship partners, and to connect digitally with avid race fans and team supporters.

The Digital Racing Cards, feature images of a team’s driver or car, combined with MP4 video backgrounds and/or 3D effects. Nearly 90 percent of the available cards sell for just $5! This makes the cards affordable for fans to collect. Race Face Digital (RFD) also provides fans and collectors with a Pit-Collection area to showcase their MP4 Digital card collection.

FREE Enrollment for Fans and Collectors

The FREE fan membership level is open to anyone wishing to purchase and collect RFD’s Digital Racing Cards. This membership gives fans access to the Pit-Collection page, the ability to purchase Standard, Premium and Elite cards, and the ability to interact within the Race Face Digital community.

Those wishing to support drivers or teams involved in the Race Face Digital collectible card program can sign up at the Free Fan level or as a Crew Member - where family members, friends, or avid fans can obtain the digital collectible cards and receive additional benefits and privileges.

Soon we'll be rolling out the Crew Membership for just $4.95/month! The Crew Membership with Race Face Digital Marketplace will include the following:

  • A Pit Collection page to showcase personal collections
  • Early notifications on all card drops
  • Access to Victory Lane, Throwback, and other limited-edition cards
  • Inclusion to all monthly giveaways, contests, and discount coupons
  • A free Race Face Digital T-Shirt with the first card purchased
  • The ability to buy and sell cards in the RFD Marketplace

Entry Level Provides Great ROI for Team Members

With the program’s start-up investment totaling less than $200, a driver or race team can turn that investment into thousands of dollars by selling their starter allotment of 3,400 digital cards.

Available card styles come in one of eight potential layouts:

  • Standard 1
  • Standard 2
  • Standard 3
  • Premier
  • Elite 3D - the rarest variation of RFD digital collectible cards
  • Victory Lane - for celebrating a team’s winning moments
  • Limited Edition Throwback - looking back at the past and spotlighting the present
  • Special Edition (more information coming soon!)

Drivers wishing to get involved with and join Race Face Digital’s collectible card program can enroll by:

Five (5) quality images are required for the digital minting process.

Building a Community of Drivers and Fans

With the digital collectible card program, Race Face Digital aims to focus on building an avid community within the motorsports world! With the digital collectible card program, fans and family alike can come together to collect, buy, and sell cards while having fun in the process!

For more information or to view card samples and to get started today, visit Teams can also contact the Race Face Digital team by email at or call (727) 999-2628.

For Race Face Digital merchandise please visit our online store!

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